November 27, 2020 | 6:00 AM IST
Covid vaccine

World laboratories boast of encouraging anti-Coronavirus vaccines

While the entire world is still under the shadow of Coronavirus, scientists and researchers across the world are racing against time to develop vaccine to arrest the disease. So far, the virus has struck around 1.39 crore people globally and claimed over 5.93 lakh lives. 

The experts have come up with nearly 23 vaccines that are currently undergoing clinical trials, while the other 150 are in different stages of development. 

While the researchers have achieved success on various fronts, the Oxford University’s Coronavirus vaccine trial team in the United Kingdom has reported a breakthrough. On Friday, the Chairman of the Berkshire Research Ethics Committee, David Carpenter who approved the trials said that everything was ‘absolutely on track’ and the vaccine would be available by early September. 

The vaccine is based on a weakened version of the common cold that causes infections in chimpanzees. The vaccine, ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, has a spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, which is a strain of Coronavirus that causes the disease. The announcement was made after the team discovered that the vaccine could provide ‘double protection’ against the disease following early-stage human trials.

Similarly, Russia too has claimed to launch ‘world’s first anti-Covid-19 vaccine’ by the end of 2020 if all goes well. The country said it expects clinical trials of the vaccine to be completed by July end. 

The US-based pharma company, Moderna, started the phase-1 trials of mRNA-1273 in collaboration with Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute way back on March 16. Moderna was the first to start the clinical trials of the potential vaccine and its third phase is likely to commence on July 27.

On the other hand, two pharma companies Bharat Biotech International Limited and Gujarat’s Zydus Cadila in India have started human trial studies for their respective vaccines in July. 

With possibility of an anti-Coronavirus vaccine coming soon, the news has raised new hopes across the globe and countries such as Canada, Tunisia, Spain, New Zealand, South Korea, Ethiopia, Sweden, and South Africa have appealed for fair distribution of Coronavirus vaccine whenever and wherever it is developed.

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