December 7, 2019 | 6:51 AM IST
17th lok sabha

With taskmaster Modi things could be draining for those working with him

With the recent magnificent win at the 17th Lok Sabha polls, the towering personality of Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to have gotten even bigger. People are going crazy over brand Modi –etching his name on their chests, doing jal sadhana to name a few. He is being looked upon with reverence.
Honesty, diligence and all the other good traits we have been taught and brought up with have their own eloquence and can be really attractive. However, though these qualities have made Narendra Modi stand apart, things could turn out to be a little scary for others.
It isn’t easy to be around a man who is a known disciplinarian and a real taskmaster. Thankfully, he is not a micromanager or a control freak, but when he works how can his subordinates give something a rest? As workaholics, they expect the same level of commitment from those around them. They forget there is life beyond the office. Modi is a pro at arm-twisting and throttles with logics. Thus, making brand Modi not so easy to digest.
Only those who chose and realise that it is not easy to treat on honest pathways and are ready to endure the effect of honesty ways will survive in the party. The man and his party have no time for lame excuses and do not entertain them at all. Modi sets up a momentum for every project and most often those who cannot keep pace with him lag behind. Let’s hope, those who stay behind are not the cause of his downfall even though he himself may be full of vitality.

Editor In Chief

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