September 22, 2019 | 3:30 AM IST
JCB Ki Khudayi

Why on Earth 'JCB Ki Khudayi' is trending on Twitter?

Have you ever seen an excavator which we usually call JCB digging dirt on the roads? Then you must have also seen a crowd of some Indians standing around it to watch in utter amazement. While Indians' obsession with JCB Ki Khudayi was okay and understable in real life, a bizarre trend popped up on the internet. In this current trend, people are sharing JCB Memes, JCB appreciation posts on the internet. Also, videos of an excavator (JCB) digging earth are trending on YouTube. Each of these videos have more than 4 million views on them within 24 hours of time. This has left completely perplexed and we are unable to find answers to this strange mystery. Why #JCBKiKhudayi is trending now? 

A JCB excavator is the most popular brand for the excavator machine we use in India. Hence, people tend to call the excavator JCB out of habit. Strangely, people are actually watching these JCB memes and videos to make it trend on No.1 spot on Twitter. 

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