December 7, 2019 | 6:48 AM IST
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Web of challenges before PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi got a thumping victory in the 17th Lok Sabha elections. Definitely, it was not a gliding experience for him, but he actually worked his way up the ladder and when at the zenith he proved his mettle by working even harder. He set up an example for his juniors and ministers spread in different by his excessive, honest, result-oriented working frame. He sent the message right across to all the wings that he means business and is not at the PMO to spend five years of fame. But there lies a web of challenges ahead of him.

One of the heavy tasks that he needs to take care of is the protection of brand India from his adversaries within the nation and outside. It won’t be easy for him to set things right without frowning brows. After all, for decades people are used to different working cultures.
Secondly, he will have to bridge the gap between global perception of India and reality with little or no support from the western media.

There will be hoards of people trying to knock him with charges like human rights violator, dictator and on grounds like rapes, minority torment, suppression of rights in Jammu and Kashmir, unemployment etc.
Also, one thing that is choking the rise of brand India is the red tapeism and the tendency to pass off the buck. This chain will be required to be thrashed severely for the Modi factor is all about ‘making things move’.

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