October 17, 2019 | 3:55 PM IST
bottle cap challenge

Vidyut Jammwal, Tiger Shroff woo hearts in a ‘Bottle Cap Challenge’

The Bottle Cap challenge is the latest to rule the roost on social media. While some aced the challenge, many failed to achieve win the challenge. People have been challenging their pals to take up the challenge and the idea is to make the performance tougher and keep the trend of online challenges ticking.

The challenge was reportedly started by Taekondo fighter and instructor Farabi Davletchin on June 25 after he tried it on social media. However, it went viral after being picked up by MMA star Max Holloway followed by several other celebrities and experts of martial arts.

Back home the stunt has been flawlessly performed by actors and martial arts experts including Akshay Kumar, Vidyut Jammwal and Tiger Shroff. Tiger Shroff took the challenge from Donnie Yen who performed the challenge with his eyes closed in his gym and his aide holding the bottle. His act was swift and over within seconds. Shroff posted his blindfolded act with the caption, “Wellll since everybodys showing off...Inspired by the great @donnieyenofficial! Yo@beyounick is this good enough? Looking good ritesh sir
Similarly, Vidyut Jammwal took up the challenge and cleared the act on three bottles at one go.  International celebrities including, Jason Statham, Guy Ritchie, John Mayer, Diplo, Erroison Hugh, Ellie Goulding, Max Holloway, etc, have participated in the challenge till now.

What is Bottle Cap challenge?
The challenge requires people to side-kick the cap off a plastic bottle of water. The cap is loosely fixed on the bottle and the person has to untwist the top with a roundhouse martial arts kick. It is necessary for the cap to just fly off the bottle, which should remain stationary at that particular moment. Also the entire challenge has to be recorded in slow motion to make it clear if the act has been properly performed.

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