August 13, 2020 | 4:34 PM IST
Viral Video

Video of mommy mynah saving her baby from two crows goes viral

A 45-second video clip showing a fierce battle between a mynah and two crows has gone viral. The video shows mother mynah trying to protect her baby from two squawks. 

In the clip, the crows can be seen attacking the baby and pecking on the mother mercilessly. However, mother mynah engages into a battle till they fly off leaving her baby with her.

The clip was posted on the microblogging website by Susanta Nanda of the Indian Forest Service (IFS) on Tuesday late evening. She captioned it, “Courage comes not from the strength of the body, but from the strength of the spirit. A mother dares & believes in the spirit of motherhood to protect its child.”

Within minutes of posting the video, it became a sensation and had over a lakh view, thousands of likes and comments. One of the viewers wrote, “This spirit of motherhood has been granted by nature to all living beings but humans, unfortunately, seem to be gradually losing it as they advance in conquering nature itself.” 

Another Twitter user wrote, “No wonder we have, in our region, stories of mothers snatching their kids safely away from the jaws of leopards. Courage unlimited & beyond any scientific logic.”

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