July 13, 2020 | 3:20 PM IST
social distancing

Various hues of social distancing observed as world gets back to normalcy

Several countries have lifted the Coronavirus-imposed lockdown and coaxing normalcy. But it would not be an understatement if said that putting the country under a lockdown was much easier.
However, now that countries have started relaxing the quarantine measures, people are now getting accustomed to the new life-culture. The offices, restaurants, and educational institutions in many countries have resumed and special efforts have been put in to ensure social distancing.

The Government in Bangkok, Thailand, has made it compulsory for all office-goers – especially those involved in public interactions like bankers - to wear face-shields and masks.
Similarly, in Sri Lanka, not more than three people can use the elevators at one time and while they will be required to wear masks, they will also have to face the walls. 
On the other hand, in China, people can be seen observing social distancing at office cafeterias during lunch breaks with the formula ‘one person-one table’. Some restaurants adopting the same formula went a little ahead and even placed stuffed pandas to give company to the customers. Similar practices were witnessed in American restaurants where prim-and-properly dressed mannequins gave company to the customers.
The subways and tramways in France have footprints marked at a distance of two meters for the convenience of people.
Dinners in Amsterdam can enjoy food at specially-built ‘quarantine greenhouses’ with one person – of course, by maintaining a distance at restaurants.
On the other hand, countries like Denmark and Norway have restarted schools with students attending schools in rotation and with ‘one student one table’ formula.
Though the lockdowns have been lifted in many countries, the governments are keeping a keen-eye in case there is a rise in infection.

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