October 23, 2019 | 12:46 AM IST
bareilly case

UP BJP MLA backs off after daughter alleges life threat for marrying Dalit

A day after the daughter of Uttar Pradesh BJP legislature posted a video in which she alleges that her father and brother of trying to kill her and her Dalit husband, her father has denied putting any pressure on her. The couple got married on July 4.
Sakshi Misra, 23, in the one-minute 38 second video has accused her father – a BJP legislature from Bithari Chainpur, Bareilly district in UP - Rajesh Kumar Misra aka Pappu and her brother Vicky and their associate Rajeev Rana in which she asks them to leave her and her husband Ajitesh Kumar and his family alone.
She said she was married to Ajitesh and wanted to be happy. She appealed to the Bareilly senior superintendent of police to extend security to them and if she and her new family are harmed, her father and his associates are to be blamed. Deputy Inspector General RK Pandey has asked the senior superintendent to extend security to the couple.

In response to the allegations, Pappu Misra on Thursday told media person that he was not opposed to the marriage but was concerned towards her. He said, “My daughter is an adult and has a right to take a decision. She has not been threatened by any family member or anyone associated to him.” He added that Sakshi was very young and there was an age gap between the couple. He also said that the boy was not having a proper income which is why he was worried.

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