July 10, 2020 | 6:56 PM IST

Twitter goes stirred over baby elephant saving a man it thought was drowning

A heartwarming video of a calf elephant trying to save a man that it thinks is drowning has gone viral. The 43-second video shows a herd of elephants going through the banks of a river at Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The video shows one of the youngest residents of the elephant park Kham Lha hurriedly wading through the river on spotting and hearing volunteer trainer at the park Darrick Thomson’s call while midstream.  Apparently, Darrick was just calling out to Kham Lha from the water and was never in any danger. But Kham Lha thought he was drowning and quickly entered the river. Minutes later Kham Lha can be seen coming close to Darrick and offering its trunk to him and at the same time using its foot to secure him from flowing further in the river.

The video was shared by Bob Goldsmith along with the caption, “This young elephant spots a man he thinks is drowning in the river and rushes across to save him, so tenderly. We are so lucky to share the world with such creatures. They are so unlucky to share it with us.”
Although the incident actually took place at the reserve in 2016, the video has gone viral now and has fetched over 6.7 million views already.

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