February 28, 2021 | 12:19 PM IST
nan scam

Trouble for Chhattisgarh’s Ex-CM after being named in Rs 3k Cr. Civil supplies scam

Fresh trouble could be mounting for the former Chief Minister of Chhatisgarh Raman Singh after former manager of state Civil Supplies Shiv Shankar Bhatt named him and former minister Punnulal Mohale in the Rs 3,000 crore civil supplies scam. The scam took place in 2013-14 and Bhatt was arrested in 2015 in connection with the corruption case at the civil supplies corporation and is presently out on bail.

In a recent written statement given before Judicial Magistrate First Class, (JMFC) at district court Raipur, Bhatt claimed that he was privy to the diversion of Rs 5 crore in cash to BJP party office during the 2013 Assembly polls and that the cash was given on the directives of Raman Singh and Mohle. In the five-page statement, Bhatt also confessed to being a witness to handing over of Rs 1 crore cash to Punnulal Mohle as election fund.

Bhatt also said that in 2013 at least 21 lakh fake ration cards were made at the behest of Raman Singh, Punnulal Mohale and President of Civil Supplies Corporation commonly known as ‘NAN’, Leelaram Bhojavani. He also said that Bhojavani later also accepted the presence of 12 lakh fake ration cards, but an impartial investigation was never conducted.
Singh held a press conference on Friday accusing the Congress government of political vendetta and pleaded innocence.  

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