September 22, 2019 | 3:44 AM IST
coconut plucker

Traditional coconut pluckers get innovative bikes to ride up the trees

Coconut pluckers or padekars have passed on the traditional skill of the harvesting of tender, ripe coconuts from trees using rope harness or Khaddum and a machete koito to the younger generations. But now, a video shows a padekar using a bike-like vehicle to go up a tree and then dislodges the mature or tender coconut tree.
The video is captioned with a hilarious read, “When you want to be a bike racer but become a farmer due to parental pressure.”
The innovation has been garnering a lot of attention from tweeples and a few even demanded that the government should fund the production of such a device.  Though the video is a hit and the padekars will no longer risk their lives climbing trees, but it is an indication that the traditional skill could die out soon.

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