July 9, 2020 | 11:55 PM IST

The magic of appreciating nature

Life was never easy and it isn’t easy even today. But there are ways that can help people overcome stressful lives and bouts of anxiety through gardening. No wonder, it has always been known to be a wonderful stress-reliever and even combats high blood pressure as well. So, if you are wondering that just pulling off the weeds and pruning unruly shrubs could help improve overall fitness; we tell you that you are on the right track for it requires the mind and body to be in sync with each other.
Tending to greens gives a sense of responsibility and inculcates the habit of nurturing. Even children, as small as 5-year-olds, are known to be responsible and it also helps them learn the value of respecting other living things.
One reason why people start loving plants is that plants don’t judge. People gradually start nurturing the plants, try keeping them healthy without realising that they are actually working on their self-esteem.
Apart from this, health experts have stated that spending a couple of hours working in the garden is equivalent to burning calories at the gym.  This is because physical tasks such as repotting, weeding, and hoeing require a lot of labour.

Gardening also teaches the person to live in the moment without worrying about the past or the future. It helps to be in tune with seasonal changes, bees, and butterflies that come and go. This helps the person get adapted and accept the changes that come his way.
Last, but not the least, there have been reports suggesting that being self-centered can lead to depression and the benefits of gardening have an extensive impact on the general wellness of human beings.  

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