September 20, 2020 | 1:31 AM IST
alcohol delivery

Swiggy starts alcohol delivery in Ranchi; services to be soon extended in other cities

Bengaluru-based food-delivery app Swiggy has started the home delivery service of alcohol in Ranchi, Jharkhand from today. The alcohol-lovers have already updated their Swiggy application as suggested by the company and they can place their order under wine shop category. The service is expected to be extended to other big cities of the state within a week.

In order to maintain safe services, Swiggy has undertaken certain mandatory measures such as age verification and user authentication to complete the deliveries. The customer will also have to upload a selfie which the company will use to verify the authenticity of the customer using an AI-powered system.

The orders will be delivered only after the customer provides One-Time-Password (OTP) at the time of delivery.

Also, there is a capping on the quantity of order to ensure the customer does not go beyond the state’s prescribed limit.

The delivery boys have been educated to maintain hygiene and social distancing norms and have been provided with masks and sanitisers. The company also recently launched a ‘safety gear audit’ which checks ‘mask usage’ of the delivery boys for the safety of consumers.

Swiggy has partnered with authorised alcohol retailers in the state and is also trying to work out similar deals with other states to start the service. 

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