May 31, 2020 | 4:52 PM IST

Suit your face with right size & shaped glasses this summer

Let’s get over with the mere concept of wearing just any sunglasses during summer months. Here, we are not talking about branded or non-branded ones, medium to protect the eyes from harmful radiation, etc, but as a major summer accessory to up the style quotient and overall personality. Hence, it is now becoming increasingly important to choose the right sunglasses that suit your face.

Before you set out

Measure your face:

Stand in front of the mirror and using a tailoring tape measure the face. Write down the figure lest you jumble them.
From one cheekbone to another – in a straight line
Jaw line to jawline – starting from just below one ear going down the chin and up to where the other jaw line ends below the other ear
Face length – from the centre of hairline, over the nose, till the bottom of chin.
Forehead width – from one side of your hairline to the other; halfway between the eyebrows and top hairline

Know your face shape:

Compare the measurements to know which frame would suit you the best. Looking at the measurements and comparing them, you would know exactly your face-type. It could be round, square, rectangle, oblong, oval, heart or diamond shaped face or even big or small.

Frames to suit your face

Yes: Rectangular, square with narrow bridges, butterfly, cat.
No: Round, narrow, geometrically shaped, sharp edges, coloured lenses.
Tip: Frames must not cover the eyebrows.

Yes: Large, coloured, oval, round, teardrop, frameless, cat’s eye.
No: Square, sharp corners, small, narrow or wider than face frames
Tip: Frame’s width must be equal to the width of the face.

Yes: Large, round
No: Narrow, small, bright or colourful
Tip: Transparent lenses, slender frames. Aim is to make the face appear broader.

Yes: Large rectangular, thick, vintage-style, quirky colours/textures, distinctive.
No: Narrow, rectangular
Tip: Avoid small frames

Yes: Smooth-lined, rectangular, oval round, cat’s eye.
No: Sharp edges, big or wide or very narrow.
Tip: Frame must be as wide as your face or wider. Upper part of frame must be in line with the eyebrows.

Yes: Round, small with narrow bridge, low-set arms, frameless, bright, neutral coloured.
No: Large, heavy frames, sharp outlines, above eyebrows, teardrop, butterfly, cat’s eye, bright.
Tip: Frame width must equal the face width.

Yes: Oval, horn-rimmed, rimless, semi-rimless.
No: Not too large or small
Tip: Must not be wider than the cheekbones.

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