November 27, 2020 | 6:12 AM IST

Spiritual leaders slam Nepal PM’s Oli’s controversial statement on Lord Ram’s birthplace

Several spiritual gurus and Ram Dal Trust have lashed out at the Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s bizarre statements that his country is the victim of cultural encroachment and Lord Ram hailed from the real Ayodhya in South Nepal. The Nepal’s PM on Monday had said that Lord Ram was from Ayodhya which is near the Valmiki Ashram in Thori near Birgang in South Nepal.

Reacting to the Nepal PM’s statement, President of Ram Dal Trust, Ramdas Maharaj said, “There is a line in our religious books, ‘Saryu flows in the North is Ayodhya’ and there is no Saryu River in Nepal. How can he claim that Lord Ram belongs to Nepal.”

He added, “A lot of my followers reside in Nepal and I order to them to take to streets and dethrone Oli within a month. Nepal used to be a Hindu Rashtra but now they are working on the behalf of China and Pakistan.”

He further said, “Vedas, Ramayana or Puranas clearly state Ayodhya is near Saryu. And there is no Sarayu River in Nepal. In those days, there were big and strong kings everywhere, but they were led by the king of kings who resided in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India.”

Another priest Mahant Prasmhansh Acharya said, “China has overtaken several parts of Nepal and to camouflage this, Oli is now diverting the issue and betraying his own countrymen.”

Similarly, a member of Ram Temple Trust Mahant Dinendra Das said, “Lord Rama was born here in Ayodhya near Sarayu River and Sitaji was from Janakpuri in Nepal. I condemn Oli’s statement.”

After PM Oli’s remarks, hundreds of Nepalese demonstrated outside the Nepal Embassy in Delhi last evening and said that Nepal may have forgotten the historical relationship between the two nations under the influence of China, but the Nepalese residing in India still remember it. They said that India has always stood for Nepal, in good and bad, and they would not allow such a thing to happen.

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