July 13, 2020 | 1:22 PM IST
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Recovery rate pegged at 42%; Punjab has over 90% recoveries

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has pegged the recovery rate of Novel Coronavirus patients at 42.75% even as the total count reached 1,58,333 on Thursday.  So far, 67,692 have been discharged or reported to be cured from the disease, and 86,110 are undergoing treatment. 
This is being seen as a major development as the recovery rate during the first lockdown was 7.1% and during lockdown 2.0 it was 11.42%. It further rose to 26.59% in lockdown 3.0 and on May 17 when the fourth phase of lockdown started, the recorded to be was 38.29%. 

The recovery rate of some of the worst Coronavirus-hit states too has been on a rise. While Tamil Nadu’s is 50%, Uttar Pradesh is 56%, Rajasthan is 54%, Madhya Pradesh is 51%, but it is Punjab that has reported the best recovery rate with over 90% being cured.
Andhra Pradesh and Haryana too, have reported over 60% recovery rate individually. However, Maharashtra, which has been most-affected by Covid-19, has a low recovery rate of 26% with around 54,758 positive cases.
Apart from Maharashtra, states like Gujarat with 14,821 cases, Tamil Nadu with 17,728, and Delhi with 14,465 cases continue to remain Coronavirus hubs, Bihar (2,983) West Bengal (4,009) and Odisha (1,517) are reporting a significant rise in their numbers owing to the migrant workers coming back from different states.

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