May 31, 2020 | 4:16 PM IST
baby born

Pregnant baby born had a c-section within 24 hours

In a shocking event, a pregnant baby was born with a fetus in her womb. Doctors in Barranquilla, Columbia decided to go for a C-section on a newborn pregnant baby to remove a parasitic sibling growing within her. The condition ‘fetus-in-fetu’ (FIF) is rarest of the rare in medical science.

The discovery was made when Baby Itzmara’s mother Monica Vega underwent an ultrasound when she was seven months pregnant and the doctors spotted two umbilical cords. While one cord connected baby Itzmara to the mother, the other connected Itzmara to a mass within her.
The doctors decided to perform an immediate C-section to remove the foetus from newly born Itzmara’s womb. Even though the heart and brain of the baby’s foetus were not developed, it could have damaged her organs if not removed on time.  Itzmara is recovering well after the surgery.

Experts in the field said that FIF was an extremely rare condition occurring once in every 5,00,000 births. Before this, only about 200 previous cases of FIF had been documented in medical journals.

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