December 7, 2019 | 6:51 AM IST
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Now, Saudi women can get passports to travel abroad without approval from males guardians

Ending a long standing restriction that grew heavy international criticism, Saudi Arabia officially allowed women above 21 years of age to get passports and travel abroad without approval from a male guardian.

A government ruling published in the official ruling published in the official gazette Umm Al Qura said, “A passport will be granted to any Saudi national who submits an application.” 
Reema Bandar AI Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the US Tweeted, “I am elated to confirm that KSA will be enacting amendments to its labor and civil laws that are designed to elevate the status of Saudi women within our society, including granting them the right to apply for passports and travel independently,”

The decision comes after wide-ranging liberalisation drive spearheaded by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman – the kingdom’s de facto ruler – that is aimed at transforming the conservative petro-state, long criticized for its treatment of women.
The women’s rights activists have protested for decades against the guardianship system that renders women as legal minors for their entire lives. The women in the kingdom earlier have required permission from their male guardians – like husband, fathers and other male relatives to marry, renew their passports or exit the country. The decision was met with jubilation on social media, with the hashtag ‘No guardianship over women travel’ gaining traction.

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