October 17, 2019 | 3:51 PM IST
rover spots

NASA’s Curiosity Rover spots in-flight bird-like creature on Mars

About a week back NASA Curiosity Rover spotted an in-flight bird-like creature in the Maritan skies. The black-white photograph captured on Sol 2446 shows a black speck in the Mar’s sky and the self-proclaimed UFO expert Scott C Waring believes it indeed is a bird.

Scott Waring wrote, “This flying bird on Mars was found by Marcelo Irazusta who actually found a bird flying across the surface on Mars captured last week by the rover. So, if this is a large bird, then it was taken by accident and was probably not in that area for long. Of course, it could be a UFO- aliens like to use nature to inspire their structures and ships.”

He further wrote, “It looks like a soaring eagle...which if this is true, may mean one of two things. Either animals exist on Mars or I hate this idea, but it needs to be considered – the rover might not be on Mars at all, but on Devon island in Canada.” 
NASA has been exploring the Gale Crator on the Red Planet since 2012 and the rover carries out examination on its climate, geology and even looks out of any signs of alien life, says a report.

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