December 7, 2019 | 6:48 AM IST
red sun

Nasa finds rocky exoplanet with three red suns in its sky

The United States space agency Nasa has found an exoplanet with three suns. Experts believe that planets like these could be the key to unveiling mysteries surrounding alien life. Nasa found the exoplanet using its Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) that was shot in space in 2018 and has been scanning the universe for stars and planets and could support alien life.

The rocky exoplanet ‘LTT 1445Ab’ lies just 22.5 light-years away from the earth and orbits just one of its three red dwarf stars. The said exoplanet is said to be a third bigger object than Earth and has a temperature of about 320 Farenheit. The planet orbits its parent star once every five days.
An astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and co-author of the study Jennifer Winters said, “If you are standing on the planet then you see three suns in the sky. Two of them are pretty far away and small-looking and appear like two red ominous eyes.”

Experts claim that all three stars are red dwarfs and as the planet passes between stars and Earth, there’s a slim chance of using telescopes to get a look at the atmospheric gasses surrounding the planet.
In future, the experts could lookout for traces of gases like carbon dioxide and even extraterrestrial life.

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