February 19, 2020 | 11:42 AM IST
mobile addict

Mobile addict son beheads father for asking him to concentrate on studies

A 21-year-old mobile addict locked up his mother and beheaded his 60-year-old father in Kakati Village, Belagavi in Karnataka on Monday morning. Raghuvir is a second-year diploma student and his father Shankreppa Revappa Kumbhar retired from a unit of the police department - District Armed Reserve - about three months ago.
A day before the incident, Raghuvir had an ugly fight with his father over playing games on the  mobile phone and in a fit of rage he damaged the windowpanes of his neighbours. The neighbours lodged a complaint with the police and Raghuvir was summoned and left with a warning.

On Sunday night Kumbhar once again caught Raghuvir playing with mobile and scolded him after which he locked up his mother in another room and attacked his father.
The neighbours alerted police who reached the spot to find a blood-soaked Raghuvir chopping his father’s body into parts with a sickle. He was taken into custody. On several occasions Kumbhar had caught Raghuvir playing games on the mobile phone and scolded him for not concentrating on studies.

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