December 7, 2019 | 6:52 AM IST
golden heart

Man with a golden heart serves snacks to over 250 needy people everyday

It is a ritual for about 250 beggars to gather outside the tea stall of 94-year-old Gulab Singh Dheerawat’s every morning at 6 and at noon to get a serving of chai with samosa or four slices of bread with butter for free. The shop runs by the name Gulabji Chai Wale on Mirza Ismail Road in Jaipur.
Dheerawat started with merely Rs 130 and from then, he now earns almost Rs 20,000 every single day serving more than 4,000 customers daily. 
 ‘I started this business in 1946. No one supported me then. I hailed from a zamindar Rajput family, and they felt I was disregarding their legacy. They maintained a distance calling this work unfit for their social status. But I stuck to it. Today, all of them understand and are following my legacy.”
“People make a big fuss about age, but for me it’s nothing. It may be an issue for a lazy person, but for someone who has struggled so much in life to reach a certain point everyday’s work is a blessing. I will conclude to stretch and work till the time my body allows me,” he added.

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