August 10, 2020 | 8:31 AM IST
Narendra modi

Lighter side of PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an informal chat with actor Akshay Kumar opens his heart out and speaks about his friends in the opposition, love for his mother and more. Soon after the interview at his official Delhi residence, 7 Lok Kalyan Marg, reported what the actor was alluding to.

Though the PM may have a beeline of political rivals and they may take digs at each other, but off it, he does share a good rapport with his opponents. Quoting incidents the PM said, “Didi personally selects kurtas for me and send them once or twice a year. She also knows my craving for Bengali sweets and makes it a point I get to relish them. Similarly, once when I and Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad were catching up with each other after a long time, people were eager to know more about our bonding. To this Azad gave an apt reply, ‘what you perceive is not correct, we are like a family’.”

It is no news that the PM sleeps for 4-5 hours every night and is back up early morning with renewed energy. Speaking on this he said this news has reached his international friends at par and though they admire his enormous working abilities and stamina, he is always advised to sleep more. Recalling the conversation with his counterpart, former US president Barack Obama in 2015, he said, Obama asked me as to why I did this (sleep for a few hours) and now whenever we have met after that, he asks if I have increased the sleep hours.”

Speaking about his bonding with his family, the PM said that he was mostly detached as a person. “I left home long time back and at a very young age. Basically I am not connected with people back home, except for my mother. When I became the PM, I called her here so that I could spend some time with her, but due to the hectic schedule I could only share some moments with her on the dining table. She too realised that I had a tough undertaking.”
The PM also spoke about his love for mangoes, his obsession for neat and clean clothes and other issues.

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