January 24, 2020 | 5:14 PM IST
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ISRO thanks for Indian’s support despite losing contact with Vikram

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Tuesday thanked Indians for standing in solidarity with it after the agency lost contact with Vikram minutes before lunar landing on September 7. The tweet was made exactly 10 days after the Vikram lander went silent. Vikram had made a hard-landing and efforts to re-establish the link have been on since then.
The agency expressing its heartfelt gratitude tweeted, “Thank you for standing by us. We will continue to keep going forward – propelled by the hopes and dreams of Indians across the world!”

Since Vikram’s hard landing, ISRO, as well as NASA, made every possible effort to communicate with the lander, but as the Sun has set on the Moon, it seems hard and nearly impossible to do so. Once night befalls all possibilities of reconnecting with the lander would diminish.
It may also be noted that NASA’S lunar orbiter was supposed to fly over the Vikram’s landing site on Tuesday, though no update has been made yet.

The space agency had received massive support from all around the globe including NASA who praised the effort and said that Space is hard and also showed interest to look forward to future opportunities to explore the solar system together with ISRO.

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