August 10, 2020 | 8:26 AM IST
bombay animal rights

Inhuman act shocks netizens; dragged stray dog till it died

A case has been filed against unidentified persons after a stray dog was found with twisted neck, gouged out eyes and blood oozing from his private parts at the ONGC Colony at Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC). The canine’s one forelimb was tied to a cloth.
The dog was spotted by a local scribe. Eyewitnesses on taking a look at the condition of the dog said that probably it was tied to a vehicle and dragged for a very long time. 
The Bombay Animal Rights were informed about the incident and an appeal for help has been posted on social media, said a report.
The carcass has been sent to the Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA) for post-mortem. Meanwhile, the police are checking the CCTV cameras to get leads into the case.

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