February 28, 2021 | 1:30 PM IST
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India to cross 5L cases by month-end; recovery rate recorded at 51%

Looking at the infection growth rate in June, the Indian administration is anticipating that the number of Coronavirus patients could reach the 5 lakhs mark in the coming 10 days. In June, so far, India has reported a total of 198,370 cases taking the count on Tuesday to 3,43,091.
Statistics reveal that the daily count of fresh cases since June 10 has remained above 10,000 mark every day and the experts feel that the number is not going to decline anytime soon.
Similarly, there has been a significant rise in fatalities after it grew by 7.2% on Sunday and Monday taking the death toll to 9,900 till now. The daily death rate count has been on a high since June 10. However, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has said that over 70% of casualties were due to comorbidities. 
It also stated that the recovery rate is on a gradual rise and is currently at 51.08% from the earlier 49% last week.
Maharashtra, which has the reputation of recording the maximum number of Novel Coronavirus, is now earning the tag of maximum recoveries. So far, Maharashtra has recorded over 110744 cases and the number of recoveries has been 50,978. However, the total number of deaths daily too has been high with 178 patients breathing their last on Monday. Till now there have been around 4,128 deaths in the state.
Delhi, on the other hand, has also recorded a high record of deaths (73) on Monday itself taking the total death figure to 1,400. The count of positive patients has reached 42,800 in the National Capital.

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