February 20, 2020 | 4:30 PM IST
t-90 Tanks

India orders 464 T-90 tanks from Russia, Pak also in queue

The cabinet committee on security has cleared the licence acquisition from Russia to place an “indent” to produce the 464 T-90 tanks on the Avadi heavy Vehicle Factory (HVF) under the Ordnance Factory Board. The clearance was given over a month ago. Defence ministry sources confirmed the report.
Reports claim, the Indian Army will induct an additional 464 Russian-origin upgraded T-90 ‘Bhishma’ main-battle tanks. The tanks will be delivered during the 2022-26 period at a cost of Rs 13,448 crore.
Interestingly, Pakistan is also in talks regarding finalising a deal with Russia for acquiring about 360 such tanks.
The Indian Army already has around 1,070 T-90 tanks, 124 Arjun and 2,400 older T-72 tanks in its 67 armoured regiments.
The move comes at a time when the army is reformatting its war-machinery and the latest addition will only add to the promptness in response in case of an emergency.  
Speaking on Pakistan’s move in acquiring the Russian warfare, a source reveals that it plans to update its existing force. Presently, it has over 50 armoured regiments of Ukrainian T-80UD and Chinese-origin tanks. It wants to possess the latest T-90 tanks and indigenously produce others with the help of China.

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