April 6, 2020 | 3:28 PM IST
submarine missile

India moves ahead with nuclear defence strategy, successfully test-fires submarine missile K-4

On Sunday, India successfully test-fired K-4 submarine ballistic nuclear missile off the Vizag coast, Andhra Pradesh. The launch was led by the DRDO missile scientists Satheesh Reddy. The missile, developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has the capability to hit enemy targets from submarines with a strike range of 3,500 km.

The missile deployed on the fleet of indigenously-built INS Arihant Class nuclear-powered submarines of the Indian Navy will soon carry out more tests before being finally equipped on the nuclear submarines. This missile also monitors enemy aircraft and drones and targets them immediately during a military operation.

Presently, INS Arihant is already equipped with a 700-kilometre range B-02 nuclear missile, with the second nuclear submarine INS Arighat almost ready to become operational.
The three-metre-tall missile has a nuclear warhead of over one tonne with a Circular Error Probability (CEP) far lower than that of Chinese ballistic missiles. Till now, only the United States, Russia, and China have submarine-launched ballistic missiles of 3,500-kilometre range. 
With this test, India moved a step ahead towards the induction of this ballistic missile on the INS Arihant class of nuclear submarines.

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