August 10, 2020 | 7:48 AM IST
134 kmph roller

Incredible: Man catches flying cell phone during 134 kmph roller-coaster ride; clip goes viral

A video of a Kiwi man catching a flying cell phone in the midst of a roller-coaster ride at Barcelona’s PortAventura theme park in Spain has gone viral. Samuel Kempf who was representing New Zealand in the Firstballing World Championship took a roller-coaster ride along with his brothers recently when a man seated two rows ahead of him dropped his phone just before the ride started.
Kempf said, “The man tried to pick his mobile phone, but he could not as he was locked in his cart. I jokingly told my brother and people ‘get ready to catch’.”
Almost immediately the ride started and Kempf forgot about the conversation. The ride picked up and was moving at 134 kmph when he saw the phone drift across his eyes and he simply reached out to it catching it.
 After the ride, Kempf returned the phone to its owner who gave him a ‘huge hug’. The incident was caught on the camera and the 45-minute clip has gone viral.

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