January 15, 2021 | 9:44 PM IST
Delhi’s Anti-CAA communal riot

Humanity lost and found in turbulent times of Delhi’s Anti-CAA communal riots

The recent anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act riots in Delhi are not a different kind of social engineering that we as Indians have witnessed. Similar ones were there in older times, pre-independence and post-independence era – be it during the 1947 partition, 1984 Sikh riots or even the 2002 Godhra massacre. In all these times, it was humanity that got lost, put to shame, got butchered and still it was the same humanity that helped people sail through.

During these turbulent times when people in north-east Delhi got mobbed, lynched, killed, public property put to flames and homes ransacked for four days at a stretch; media shared heart-wrenching stories and first-hand gory experiences of violence and the autopsy report of Intelligence Bureau officer Ankit Sharma revealed he was stabbed 400 times, there were incidents where-in people also came forward risking their lives to save others from their very own angry community members.

Two youths driving back to Delhi after a vacation in Mussorie just managed to escape brutal death that stared straight into their faces when an agitated group of men stopped them and asked what their religion was. The interrogator had taken away the ignition key while others were trying to get them out of the car when someone gave them back their keys saying ‘bhago!’.

There also surfaced videos of people from both communities participating in peace rallies together in Shastri Park, picking torn pages of Quran-e-Pak in Ashok Nagar and safeguarding a temple in the riot-affect areas. What touched most people is the embossed image of Lord Ganesha and Radha Krishna along with the stars and a crescent moon on a marriage invitation card of a Muslim girl.

So, in times when life is being mercilessly battered, incidents like these pin us hopes of a brighter life. No doubt it is difficult to say which side of the two parties wins in times like these, but what stays is humanity.

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