January 15, 2021 | 8:47 PM IST
Happy holi

Holi Hai! Amid Coronavirus scare revellers decide to play it safe

The myriad hues of Holi festival are ready to cast its spell-like every year. The festivities have begins today with Holika Dahan bonfires fed with sweets and offerings (aahutis), performing parikrama and reciting mantras symbolising the victory of good over the bad. The vibrant colours of the festival bring in a lot of positivity in our lives.
But this Holi, the revellers have decided to celebrate the festival in a low-profile manner owing to the deadly coronavirus disease that is making its presence felt in various parts of the country. Over 40 confirmed cases have been reported till Monday morning from the parts of Rajasthan, Delhi, Agra, and Telangana and the latest being in Kerala.
Even the hardcore Holi enthusiasts have decided not to splash colours or use Chinese pichkaris and instead of the usual sticky, gaudy hard colours, opt for herbal gulals. A walk down the street confirms the impact the virus has caused by big and small-time shopkeepers still waiting for customers. Many shopkeepers themselves have not displayed the Chinese products. 

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, this year have urged Holi enthusiasts to avoid large gatherings. The PM tweeted that he himself will not celebrate Holi. Even the religious organisation that always were pro-active in organising the festival has called off the celebrations in the interest of public health safety.
But as is the charm of this festival, it would be difficult for many to resist the celebration. So, for such enthusiasts here are a few tips that would help them having a safe Holi.
-    Opt for home-cooked snacks and sweets
-    Avoid rain dance or pool parties
-    Avoid public engagements
-    Prefer ‘Namaste’, instead of hugging people and handshakes
-    Don’t get involved with someone having cold and cough

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