October 28, 2020 | 8:17 PM IST
tracking cookies

Google to drop third-party tracking cookies from Chrome

Google has decided to initiate a phased approach to block third-party tracking cookies from its Chrome web browser. The idea behind this action is to make the web more private and secure and the entire process would take about two years to complete. The third-party cookies fuel much of the digital advertising ecosystem.

Director of Chrome Engineering, Justin Schuh, through a blog post, said, “After initial dialogue with the web community, we are confident that with continued iteration and feedback, privacy-preserving and open-standard mechanisms like the Privacy Sandbox can sustain a healthy, ad-supported web in a way that will render third-party cookies obsolete.”
The blog further read, “Once these approaches have addressed the needs of users, publishers, and advertisers, and we have developed the tools to mitigate workarounds, we plan to phase out support for third-party cookies in Chrome.”

The company plans to start the first origin trials by the end of 2020, starting with conversion measurement and following with personalization.
As an after-effect of the announcement made by Google, the shares of a French ad-tech company, Criteo hit a 52-week low, closing at 15.9%, on Tuesday.

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