September 22, 2019 | 4:28 AM IST
zero resistance

Gold, silver nanostructures show zero resistance to electric current flow

Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi (IIT-Mandi) in Himachal Pradesh indicates that gold embedded with silver nanostructures show zero resistance to the flow of electric current -high temperatures between 240 K and 275 K - that is approximately between-33 degrees Celsius and 2 degrees Celsius.
The study was carried out by Dr CS Yadav and his team from School of Basic Sciences, IIT Mandi. The study was also co-led by Dr Vishwanath Balakrishnan from School of Engineering at IIT-Mandi.
Explaining the experiment, Yadav said, “The resistance fluctuated as we lowered the temperature and suddenly fell below the limit of resolution of the apparatus on cooling below a critical temperature.”
The team started working on the project last year after they were inspired by the work of Anshu Pande and Dev Kumar Thapa of the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, who posted their observations on ArXiv.
Dr Yadav explaining the lack of diamagnetism said, “Our film was of approximately 55 nanometre, so it is very unlikely that it could give a good signal of diamegnetism.”
Explaining the reason for observing zero resistance Dr Balakrishnan said, “Probably this has to do with spatial inhomogeneity and instability issues associated with a particular phase.”
Mandi is one of the eight IITs established by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, recently.

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