August 13, 2020 | 6:16 PM IST
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Flight passenger throws hot water on hostess after not being allowed to sit next to boyfriend

An Air Asia flight attendant was recently misbehaved when an upset passenger threw a cup of boiling hot water on an air hostess’s face after she was not allowed to sit next to her boyfriend as no one was willing to swap seat with her.
The incident came to light when the Thai stewardess’ colleague Nuralia Mazlan shared the incident on the internet.
Mazlan speaking about the angry passenger said, “She let out her frustration to the poor stewardess who had no power to do anything about it. Like, F-ing heck lady, if you have to be seated next to your boyfriend next time, make sure you both book a seat to be seated next to each other because the system doesn’t f-ing know if you guys are related or desperately need to sit next to each other.”

Mazlan further added, “The other crew members then stepped in to calm down the situation but she grew even more aggressive. The best part is the boyfriend in question got into the argument as well and threatens to blow up the plane. My double wtf just goes through the roof.”
Mazlan concluded her story on the net saying, “What is the most humiliating thing ever happened to a flight attendant? People treating us as if we are sub-human level just because we don the uniform and are pretty much helpless when whatever frustrations you had does not originate from us.”

On landing, the female passenger was met with airport law enforcement officers and taken away.

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