November 27, 2020 | 5:45 AM IST

First major global hike as 10 Lakh fresh cases reported in just 4 days

For the first time since the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, over 1 million cases were reported globally in merely 4 days taking the overall tally to 1.41 crore on Saturday.  

The virus originated in China’s Wuhan Province reportedly around November 17, 2019. Since then, it took a little over three months (April 2, 2020) to reach the 1 million mark. However, the spread soon picked up pace and by April 15 fresh 1 million were reported taking the global tally to 20.45 lakh. 

Since then there has been a constant rise in the number of cases and the major contributes to the rising figures are the United States of America with 3.77 million cases, followed by Brazil with 2.04 million cases and India with 1.04 million cases. 

Since July 10, the US reported 4.72 lakh fresh cases, while Brazil and India reported 2.44 lakh and 2.70 lakh new cases respectively.

The death rate too is severely high in the US and Brazil with 1.42 lakh and 77,932 fatalities respectively and though India is now seeing a rapid growth in cases after the nation entered into the unlock phases from June 1, the country has recorded 26,285 mortalities so far. The pandemic has claimed 5,99 lakh lives across the globe. 

Under such a situation, the Chief of World Health Organisation Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Friday called up on the international community not to get bogged down by the pandemic and rather create as an opportunity to build health systems that are more ‘resilient and more able to withstand the impact of health emergencies’.

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