April 6, 2020 | 3:11 PM IST
Firecracker Sales

Firecracker sales this Diwali see a dip for several reasons

It is the second day of the festival of lights, but the decked-up firecracker stalls are missing their regular enthusiasts. The firecracker business this year is slower compared with the last few years. Several reasons could be attributed to it including the untimely rain, recession, pollution awareness, concern for the old and unhealthy, Supreme Court’s instruction to buy and purchase green firecrackers which cause 30% less pollution or the two-hour time limit set up by the court. 

The online sale of firecrackers too has been completely banned. So, e-commerce leaders can’t sell firecrackers this year. India’s firecracker industry, worth Rs 20,000 crore in terms of annual sales, is largely unorganised. Even the environment-friendly crackers don’t have many takers this year. 

Small-time sellers, who would often earn an extra amount, by setting up small kiosks or stalls by the roadside preferred to put up rangoli or flower stalls as they had not been expecting the firecracker sales to happen as usual. On the other hand, wholesale and retail manufacturers are concerned about the shelf-life of their products. 

Sivakasi – a small town in Tamil Nadu - is the largest producer of firecrackers in India. Approximately 4 lakh workers are employed in the firecracker factories in Sivakasi alone. Sivaski alone is an expert in making over 420 variety of fireworks. But this time it too has had a lull period. 

In Maharashtra where the monsoon refuses to bid adieu, have seen only a 10% of sale till now. Sellers say that even the customers cannot walk up to the stall because of the rain and mud. 

However, despite the business gloom, sellers are hoping things go well with Saturday and Sunday and Diwali turns out to be a happy one even for them.

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