April 5, 2020 | 6:47 PM IST
fire in himachal

Fire in Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur forests spreads to other parts; apple orchards gutted

The forest fire that broke out a week back in Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur has now spread to Taranda, Rupi, Bada Kamba, Rokcharang-Kachrang areas resulting in severe loss of forest wealth including medicinal herbs and animals. Apart from these, the six apple orchards in Chilla village of Devathi Panchayat, Deha have been gutted in the fire.
The forest department and villagers have jointly been working to douse the fire. The officials said that trees and herbs that were planted in Chaura and Bada Kamba forest have been reduced to ashes

Conservator Forest Rampur forest circle BL Negi said, “These are not major forest fires, but small fires in grazing lands. The forest department has been receiving information and also monitoring these small incidents of fire here in the areas of Kinnaur and Shimla district. Our field teams along with locals are working to control them and save the forests.”

He further said that the villagers are under the notion that the grass grows faster if the grazing land is burnt and the forest officials are trying to educate them and clear their concepts. He also added that so far no major fire incident has been reported in the forests of Shimla district near Rampur and Kinnaur.

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