December 7, 2019 | 6:51 AM IST
mla arrest

Ex-BJP MLA Surendra Nath Singh arrested for threatening CM

TT Nagar police arrested former BJP MLA Surendra Nath Singh (Mamma) on Friday for making objectionable speech against Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath at Roshanpura square, Bhopal on Thursday. He threatened to spill the blood of CM and state’s chief secretary SR Mohanty if injustice was meted out to poor sections of the society.
It may be noted that on Thursday Singh was protesting the Bhopal Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) proposal to remove encroachment in Central Bhopal and over-inflated electricity bills to poorer sections.

He said the Congress government was snatching employment opportunities of thousands by removing their gumtis (kiosks or makeshift shops) from roads in the city. He also said that those poor people who used to get monthly electricity bills worth Rs 200 are now getting a bill of Rs 20,000. He instigated the people saying to disconnect the electricity connection of CM House and the state secretariat if their electricity is cut due to non-payment of bills. The ex-MLA also asked the people to beat up those who approach them for collecting inflated power bills.

Singh has been lodged under Section 143 and 188 of IPC for unlawful assembly and staging protests without permission.

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