September 22, 2019 | 3:32 AM IST
Aslam Sher Khan

Ex Hockey Olympian offer to lead Congress if Rahul Gandhi steps down

Hockey Olympian Aslam Sher Khan has written a letter to Rahul Gandhi expressing his willingness to take over as the party chief if the later want to step down and if no one is stepping forward to take the position. Khan said that he is doing so to respect Gandhi’s decision and would take over for a spell of two years.

Quoting an example from his 1975 World Cup win, Khan said, “As a hockey player, I have proven my capabilities to perform in such situations. The need of the hours is to score an equalizer against the BJP by bringing the Congress party back to the grassroot and into the hearts and minds of the common masses once again.”

Khan further said, “Congress needs courage at the moment. I wrote the letter saying that if he wants to relinquish the post then it must be respected. I am wanting to takeover only for a provisional opportunity for two years as it is essential to connect Congress to nationalism once again.”

It may be recalled that Khan had on an earlier occasion too offered to serve the post when in the last Lok Sabha elections the Congress lost the battle and Rahul Gandhi had asked his family members to take charge. 

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