August 10, 2020 | 8:55 AM IST

Eighth dinosaur species found in Japan is 72m-yrs-old

Japanese scientists have discovered 72 million-year-old nearly complete skeleton from marine deposits which could reveal information about a new species of a dinosaur. The discovery is the eighth new dinosaur species found in Japan. The findings have been published in Scientific Reports.

According to the Hokkaido University experts, the 26-feet long duck-billed dinosaur belongs to a herbivorous hadrosaurid dinosaur aged between 9 years or more and was found in Mukawa town. The dinosaur was nicknamed Milawaryu, after the excavation site but then got its scientific name Kamuyasaurus Japonicas. The findings revealed that the skeleton weighed around 5.3 tons which is about the weight of an Asian elephant. The cranial bone notch is positioned lower, the jaw bone is particularly short, and a short row of spines on its back is more tilted compared to others, the researchers found.

Experts revealed that the “The frontal bone, a part of its skull, has a big articular facet connecting to the nasal bone, suggesting the dinosaur may have had a crest.
Analysis of 350 bones and 70 taxa of hadrosaurids revealed that the dinosaur belonged to the Edmontosaurini clade, spread across Asia and North America and is closely related to Kerberosaurus unearthed in Russia and Laiyangosaurus found in China.

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