August 10, 2020 | 8:44 AM IST
dorian hurricane

Dorian hurricane reduced Bahamas to rubble, now thrashes N Carolina

After pounding Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian made a landfall on the Outer Banks of North Carolina on Friday with powerful winds. It hit Cape Hatteras at about 9 am with wind speed of 150 km per hour which was less than when it hit Bahamas with at least three tornadoes in the region.
The hurricane had been howling over Carolinas and has been soaking it since Thursday morning and snapped power of more than 330,000 homes and businesses on Friday. The National Hurricane Centre said that the life-threatening storm surges and dangerous winds remain a threat for much of the area.
In Bahamas, the hurricane claimed about 30 lives and the toll is likely to rise as more bodies surface once the floodwater recedes. Survivors are also dealing with the emotional trauma triggered by the horrors of the preceding days and the hospitals are treating injured for fractures, head injuries, deep lacerations, skin rashes and dehydration. The  United Nations statistics reveal that an estimated 70,000 people were in immediate need of food, water and shelter on the islands.
According to a US embassy in Nassau the US Coast Guard working with the National Emergency Management Agency in the Bahamas rescued 295 people since the Category 5 hurricane began.

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