May 30, 2020 | 1:19 AM IST
ban ramdev

Delhi HC directs social media platforms to remove content defaming Baba Ramdev

Delhi High Court, on Wednesday, asked social media platforms including Facebook, Google, and its subsidiary YouTube and Twitter to globally remove links to a specific video with defamatory allegations against Yoga guru Ramdev. The abusive video contains excerpts of a book on Ramdev and was ordered to be deleted by the HC on September 29 last year.
It may be noted that the HC had directed the publisher and author of the book– Godman from Tycoon- from publishing it till the offending portions were deleted. The book or the video gives the impression that the yoga guru ‘has been involved in various murders, financial irregularities and misuse of animal parts.’

A judgment passed by Justice Pratibha M Singh stated that merely geo-blocking or disabling access to the demeaning content to viewers from India, as agreed to by the social media platforms, would not be sufficient as it can gain access to it by other means. Hence, all offending material uploaded from within India on to the computer network of the platforms would have to be disabled and blocked on a global basis’.

With regards to the URLs/links uploaded from outside India, the court directed the defendants to block access and disable them from being viewed in the Indian domain.

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