August 13, 2020 | 4:27 PM IST
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Delhi Assembly Polls: Scale tilts in favour of AAP’s Kejriwal

The result of the battle for Delhi Assembly Poll – that took place on February 8 – will be out today. The counting started early Tuesday morning at 8 am amid tight security at 21 centres across the city.  And the early trends confirm the exit polls that showed Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Admi Party’s (AAP) making a clean sweep. If he wins the 2020 Assembly polls, it will be his hat-trick as Delhi Chief Minister.
Till the filing of this report, AAP is leading with 57 seats out of 70. So, here is a quick view about how AAP spearheaded by Kejriwal has been shining.

Originally, an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer, Kejriwal’s political career started in 2011, when he joined Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi to form India Against Corruption (IAC) group. Kejriwal formed AAP in November 2012 and fought 2013 Delhi Legislative Assembly elections.
He defeated Congress CM Sheila Dikshit and emerged as the second-largest party – winning 28 of 70 seats. He took oath as the CM of Delhi on December 28, 2013, but resigned after 49 days (on February 14, 2014) due to the inability of his government to pass the proposed anti-corruption legislation.

Kejriwal’s second term began exactly a year later, on February 14, 2015, on an astonishing note. He won 67 seats of 70, leaving BJP with just 3 seats and the Indian National Congress (Congress) with none. This time the Jan Lokpal Bill was passed by the assembly.
The AAP government also came out with a report card for the party, including free power for consumption up to 200 units, 50% subsidized power for consumption between 200 and 400 units, free water up to 20,000 litres a month, Mohalla clinics and setting up WiFi points and more than anything else, he reached out to the masses and connected with them one-on-one.
This time, AAP’s manifesto promises quality education, health, clean water and 24-hour electricity to Delhiites, aside from speaking about all classes, including business, labourers, women, Sikh, youth, and senior citizens. With these, Kejriwal seems to be determined to set things right for the masses and no doubt the tilt shows how much he is loved and trusted.

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