May 25, 2020 | 10:22 AM IST
Coronavirus update

Countries lift lockdown, but normalcy yet to return; global tally crosses 42L

Nations across the globe have started lifting the lockdowns and easing movements even while the pandemic continues. France began its de-confinement from Monday after easing lockdown restrictions a few weeks before. Germany and Belgium are other nations that also emerged from lockdowns last week and children in the Netherlands have started going to schools. However, the health agencies in Germany and France said that after the lockdown has been eased, Coronavirus infections are on the rise.

So far, France has reported 1,77,423 cases Germany has 172,576, and Belgium has 53,449 cases. After the lifting of lockdown, people were primarily seen wearing masks in metros and maintained social distancing at work, but the roads and cafeterias remained isolated and usual movement among people was missing. Germany reopened its pubs, on Monday, but received almost negligible visitors.
The French Health Minister Olivier Veran, on Monday, also said, “If the virus were to resume its wild race, we would again take lockdown measures.” The Robert Koch Institute for Public Health in Germany said that the rate hovered above the critical threshold for the third consecutive day with an estimated value of 1.07 on Monday.
The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Emergencies Chief, Dr Michael Ryan too, warned nations against reopening their economies without ensuring strong measures to curb the Coronavirus flare-ups.  The health authorities are concerned that there are all chances that the virus could strike back.
The global count of pandemic reached 42,56,123 cases on Tuesday with 287,336 fatalities. The USA remains the most affected with 1,385,834 followed by Spain with 268,143 cases and the United Kingdom with 223,060

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