September 19, 2020 | 3:15 AM IST
Coronavirus updates

Coronavirus updates: Tally crosses 18k while nation limps to normalcy amidst lockdown relief

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Tuesday reported around 18,601 confirmed Coronavirus cases with 590 deaths so far. Maharashtra with 4,676 and Delhi with 2,081 positive cases continue to report the highest scores, while Gujarat has taken over the third position with over 1800 cases. On the other hand, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan have reported a high score of 1,520 and 1,576 positive cases respectively. 

Incidentally, about 125 families working inside Rashtrapati Bhavan have been quarantined after a worker tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus.

Joint Secretary of Union Health Ministry Lav Agarwal on Monday evening said that Mahe in Pudducherry, Kodagu/ Coorg in Karnataka and Pauri Garhwal in Uttarakhand have not reported a single positive case in the past 28 days while 6 other districts have not reported any case in the last 14 days. As per the Ministry of Health’s guidelines, a zone that has not reported a single case for at least 28 days is considered as contamination-free and restricted activities can be initiated.

The minister said that the doubling rate for Coronavirus positive cases which was 3.4 days before lockdown has become 7.5 days in the past seven days.  The mortality rate for Covid-19 cases in India is around 3.2%.
 Meanwhile, the partial easing offered by Centre from April 20 became effective in green zones of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Kerala and many government offices started functioning with limited staff. Certain small time industries related to agriculture, poultry, construction and repairing work of roads and certain manufacturing units also started functioning in the green zone areas. 

In several places the wholesale fruit and vegetable markets were also operating by cautiously following social distancing norms. The movement of labour between states remains suspended as of now.

However, though Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal initially declared that no relief would be implemented, certain offices were allowed to function. 

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