July 10, 2020 | 5:59 PM IST

Coronavirus outbreak worsens, toll crosses 400 mark in India

The Central and State Governments are jointly taking measures to control the spread of novel Coronavirus before it reaches to the third degree. On Sunday, despite Janta Curfew, total of 50 cases were reported from different parts of the country, taking toll to cross over 400 mark. In view of the outbreak, several states have imposed complete lockdown till March 31st and sealed the state borders to ban the entry and exit of the individuals.

Earlier on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi directed all state governments to strictly enforce the lockdown after cases of people not taking the measure seriously were reported. Taking to the twitter, PM Modi tweeted in hindi, "Many people are still not taking the lockdown seriously. Please save yourself, save your family, follow the instructions seriously. I request state governments to ensure rules and laws are followed."
In a recent development, a fresh death of 55 year old has been reported from West Bengal on Monday. The patient was on ventilation suffering from Covid-19 disease. The Bengal government has imposed complete lockdown in 16 districts till Friday midnight.

Meanwhile, over 12500 passenger trains have also been shut until March 31st and several domestic and international flights have also been cancelled. Mumbai's lifeline metro and locals have also been stranded for local public. Notably Maharashtra have reported the maximum number of Coronavirus positive with over 89 confirmed cases so far followed by Kerala with 67 and Delhi with 30 cases.

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