February 28, 2021 | 7:51 AM IST

Child sex racket accused Pyare Miyan trapped in Srinagar; en route to Bhopal

Prime accused in the Madhya Pradesh child sex racket case Pyare Miyan (68) alias Abba, has been arrested by the Jammu and Kashmir police from Srinagar on Wednesday.  

Bhopal South Superintendent of Police Sai Thota has confirmed the news and said that he is being brought back to Bhopal.

The accused, carrying an award of Rs 30,000, was absconding after his racket busted after five minor girls were found by the police in an inebriated condition in Ratibarh area at around 4 am. Upon interrogating, the girls revealed that they were returning from a late-night party from Shahpura area where they were sexually exploited.

Later, the cops took them to the police station and this when Miyan’s sex racket was busted. The girls revealed that Miyan lured them with a job and a good salary. He also used to give loans to the parents of poor girls and then took advantage of the situation by molesting and pushing them into the flesh trade. 

On learning that the girls had landed with the police, Miyan visited the police station and identified himself as their grandfather. But when the cops insisted on meeting the parents of the girls, he backed off and fled the city and went to Srinagar.

When police started the investigation, they broke open his flat at Ansal Apartments, Shyamla Hills which had a bar-like setup loaded with expensive liquors, sex toys and child pornography videos and several other things that indicated a big sex racket was being operated from there. The police also learned that the accused had taken many of his victims along with him to foreign locations like Dubai, Thailand and, Switzerland.

Later, the police also learnt about Miyan’s secretary Sweety Vishwakarma (21) who handled his sex racket business. The Public Relations Department of Madhya Pradesh has also cancelled the accreditation of Pyare Miyan as a journalist.

Earlier on Monday, the police demolished an illegal structure owned by him in the Old City, and an adjacent flat and another illegal structure in Shyamla Hills on Tuesday. 

Several cases under Section 376 of the IPC and relevant Sections of the POCSO Act have been registered against Pyare Mian and Vishwakarma.

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