September 22, 2019 | 3:33 AM IST

Chairman Mahindra Group tweets dronebrella for ensuing monsoon; Grabs attention

A recent tweet by chairman Mahindra Group on a hands-free or flying umbrella has become a rage on the Twitter. Known as dronebrella, it is an autonomous umbrella that gives the viewers an insight on how simple and great life could be with such devices.  

The tweet was captioned, “We focus our attention on cutting edge autonomous cars, and vehicles but as the monsoon approaches, I’m more excited by the prospect of autonomous umbrellas!” 

The video has a famous magician, Moulla, moving around different streets of France while it rains and the dronebrella following him and shielding him from the rain while he is using both his hands for clicking pictures, cycling and more.

Reports reveal that dronebrella is controlled with an app.

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