February 19, 2020 | 10:31 AM IST
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Celebrating this Deepawali with a new zeal

The five-day Deepawali frenzy is understandable. And nothing, not even the global economic slowdown or the dipping GDP, can dampen the excitement the festival oozes. While people are all busy decking up their homes, most festive enthusiasts this time have decided to bring about a shift in their method of celebration.
The five-day festive season in the years gone by had increasing become more about the spirit of spending, but this Deepawali, there is a visible trend that prominently features ‘consciousness’. This consciousness is about health, environment, social behaviour and even being sensitive towards the local small-time vendors apart from several other unmentioned factors.
Let’s take a look at how revellers have decided to shift their technique of celebration.

Trying out new dishes :

Thanks to innumerable online channels, women have better access to recipes and are trying out dishes guided by tutorials. Working women this time have decided to ditch the usual deep-fried salonis and chaklis, sweet dishes and are going in for healthy options like khaman dhoklas, khandvis, and varieties of churas.

Encouraging local small-time vendors :

People are getting more selective about purchases they make. It is not about exorbitantly priced gifts any longer. There are many who are ordering earthen or terracotta gift items – hand-made and machine-made – from the vendors residing close by. There is a huge demand for the magic lamp from which the oil does not spill even when turned over. People are even engaging small-time rangoli doers to come and decorate their homes.

Adopting green practices :

Several resident welfare associations have been collecting funds and even sapling from donors to be planted in abandoned spaces during the festive season. They are discouraging usage of firecrackers and plastics which will help the ecosystem in more ways than one. Even individuals are taking small steps like doing away with plastics. Just replacing plastic bottles, spoons, etc., in the pooja ghar with wooden or steel ones is definitely a good idea.

Moving over social media :

Several young revellers have decided to move over the social media platforms and greet fellow enthusiasts in person. The trend of wishing elders or buddies in person, which had unfortunately taken a backseat with the convenient dropping of a Whatsapp or Facebook message, is now back in the flow.

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