August 13, 2020 | 5:55 PM IST
children's day

Celebrating Children’s Day with new zeal

Eureka! It is Children’s Day. As kids this day meant No classes, fancy dress, treats from teachers and essays on Chacha Nehru followed by special events like games, debates, music, and dance performances, and museum or zoo visits, etc., organised by schools and colleges. Over time the tone of celebrations changed and sports field and extra-curricular activities took over.
At home too, it’s a no-study day. But as years passed, children started to double-up under the pressure of school bags, versatile syllabus, heavy coaching schedules, and cut-throat competition. Along with these, came the trend of the little ones getting secluded and living lives with the cold and indifferent gadgets called smartphones and the internet.
The cautious ones, like the psychologists and the older generation, were quick to identify the flip side of it and fortunately things are on its way to betterment. Today, despite the tight schedule, parents are taking their child’s mental and physical health seriously and saying every day of the child is ‘children’s day’. Let us check out how.

Spending quality time:

Mornings are busy times for most of us. But there are parents who have decided to split their responsibilities. While one (usually mothers) is running around preparing for the day and special meals for the little ones, the other one decides to become ‘papa bear’ and kids can be seen clinging on to their fathers for the first few minutes every morning after they get up. Yes, even child psychologists have been insisting on this since long.

Filling in while driving and more:

Not all children are blessed with having grandparents around them. Realising this, many parents make the most of whatever minutes they have with their children. For example, Mithun makes it a point to instill good values, teaches Hindi proverbs, etc., with his 4-year-old daughter Priya whenever, he is driving. He plays bhajans and explains the meaning of certain words to her and does not shun her questions away saying ‘you are too small to understand them’.

Get sporty:

It is the best way to instill the sportsman spirit among the younger generation. Parents can be seen chatting with their teens and playing a sport like a cricket, carom board or other board games. This not only bridges the generation gap between the two but also helps in developing an overall personality of the children. Even the parents get some recreational moments.

Move over gadgets:

Now comes the most important part. The last decade was plagued with children becoming addicted to gadgets. Children soon grew uncomfortable meeting people in person and were happy socialising on the networking sites. Anjali, a working mother said that her seven-year-old son did not know what it was to like getting hurt while playing or running. This gave rise to a defective personality. Taking a lesson from all these, children are being coaxed to move out of their homes, make friends, play the local games.
Thanks to parents who have realised that Children’s Day in the future won’t be the same (like they enjoyed) and lose its essence if not checked now. Happy Children’s Day.

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